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Dubai jobs and working conditions

Dubai is known as one of the fastest and growing city in the world and it became famous to expat or foreigners for its job opportunities.

Largest contributors to Dubai economy are real estate and construction, trade and financial services. Many jobs are in demand now like admin and human resource jobs, engineering jobs, accounting jobs, etc.

Tips on How to Find Job in Dubai

Tourism plays an important role to Dubai economy and called shopping capital of the middle east, retail jobs, hotel jobs and restaurant like waiter/waitresses and cooks were also in demand.


There are two kinds of job contract issued by the Ministry of Labor, unlimited job contract and limited job contract.

Unlimited contract can be renewed upon expiration. Either party may terminate the contract by giving 30-day notice after probation period at any time.

Limited job contract specifies a definite period of employment. Termination of contract before the expiration will cause penalty by paying for damages to the party suffering the breach.

Once the employee secures the working visa, the residence visa will be automatically stamped to the employee's passport after medical formalities.

Before you sign your contract, please read carefully all the terms and conditions written so you won't get any problem later on.


Most companies requires employees to work 40 to 48 hours per week. The normal office timings are from 8.30 or 9.00 to 5.30 or 6.00. For government sectors starts from 7.30 to 2.30 or 3.30pm. There are some companies have split timings from 8.00 to 1.00 and resume at 4.00pm to 7.00pm. During Ramadan, the daily working hours is shorten to six hours as most employees are fasting. Some companies gives overtime to those who will work more than six hours.

As Dubai is a Muslim country, Friday is the rest day. Other companies gives two rest days, from Friday to Saturday. There are some companies that gives half day during Thursday or Saturday. Companies have different working days as long as employees completed the 40-48 hrs per week.


Employees received the net salary as Dubai is tax-free city. Salary breakdown: basic salary, housing fee, transportation allowance or car allowance. Some companies gives annual bonuses or commissions.

UAE labor law implements indemnity or end of service bonus. Once the staff finished his/her contract, the end of service will be computed based on the employee's basic salary.


As per the UAE Ministry of Labor, employees are entitled for 30 days annual paid leave and a return ticket to their home country. Other companies gives 60 days paid leave and return ticket every two years.


Once employee finished the contract and doesn't want to renew anymore, the company will provide the repatriation ticket or one way ticket to home country. Passport with cancelled visa will be handed to the staff by the company representative at the airport. This will ensure that staff exits the country.

Searching for a job is isn't easy. You need to invest your time and money. Recruitment companies in Dubai found solutions for that. Instead of spending your time in the field and handover your resume to all shops you walked in, online submission of resume is possible now. Thousands of jobs can be viewed now on the internet and register yourself for free. Beware of some companies who ask for money upon registration and promised to get you a job.

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